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Athletic Development provides the skills and strategies to dramatically enhance performance while decreasing the risk of injuries.

Athletic Development

Fun and safe atmosphere, challenging drills and exercises providing various forms of neuromuscular feedback to ensure a great learning environment. Skills and strategies learned will drastically enhance athletic performance and decrease risk of injury for all athletes at any stage of development.

Develop explosive power

Decrease injury risk

Optimize movement efficiency

Improve mobility & balance

Correct imbalances

Gain strength

Learn to train like a pro

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Athletes who work to master Athletic Development methodology will develop and improve explosive power, mobility, balance, body control, speed, agility and strength. Mindset will sharpen, confidence will soar as body control and performance objectives are consistently achieved.


“The movement strategies Nick has taught me have been very effective to combat the physical hurdles Parkinson’s disease has presents. My balance has improved as well as my golf game!”

John B, MD

“Nick is the ultimate encourager. His smile and affirming words keep everyone at their best during our Parkinson’s wellness & recovery circuits!”

Marilyn W

“Nick Hannah’s PRO program has had a tremendous impact, improving Tom’s posture and ability to move again. The combination of Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease make exercise challenging. Nick’s ability to engage and motivate are impressive.”

Pat D, Tom’s wife

“Nick’s unflagging enthusiasm and ability to teach and improve movement patterns and mobility have been game changers in my fight back against Parkinson’s disease through exercise.”

Dr. Mike Henderson, MD